The Drake Group Academic Integrity Project 2017 – Addressing Academic Corruption

Given the numerous incidences of academic corruption there have been in Division I university athletics, the Drake Group initiated the Academic Integrity Project in 2017. The Drake Group partnered with ...

Drake Group Hero Award Presented to Investigative Journalist Dan Kane

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Washington Post Article Highlights Drake Group’s Lobbying Efforts

Washington Post Columnist Sally Jenkins made the Drake Group’s “stinging article” that appeared in Inside Higher Education the center piece of her November 10 article, It’s not that the NCAA ...

Inside The Drake Group

Drake Group Establishes “In Residence” Status At The University of New Haven

The Drake Group, an organization of faculty and staff who seek to ...

Vision, Mission and Goals

The mission of the Drake Group is to defend academic integrity in ...


Hutchins Award The Robert Maynard Hutchins Award is given annually to faculty ...

In The Spotlight

College Athlete Codes of Conduct and Issues Related to Freedom of Speech and Expression

The Drake Group addresses constitutionally protected speech and expression rights of public college and university students who participate in intercollegiate athletics. The current national debates about the extent to which athletic departments should properly control athlete behavior, especially on social media and in connection with activism require athletic directors to respond to questions such as […]

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Drake Group Promotes an Educational Alternative to “Athlete Employees”

The Drake Group has released a position statement today that proposes an educational alternative to “athlete employees.” Drake Group President Gerald Gurney, stated, “Intercollegiate athletics is at a crossroads on the issue of paying college athletes. Should collegiate athletics be a mini-version of the NFL and NBA? See Drake’s Position Statement for a viable alternative.

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Counterfeit Amateurs

Rights of College Athletes

In light of the current national debate about transfer rules in intercollegiate athletics and other restrictions on the eligibility of college athletes, The Drake Group believes there is a need to acknowledge and define the basic rights of college students who participate in intercollegiate athletics.

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Drake Group Calls for Strong Actions to Address Collegiate Coaching Misconduct

The Drake Group believes that most coaches act responsibly and in the best interests of their players.  Even when using now-unacceptable pedagogy, most coaches do so without malicious intent.   However, adequate evidence shows that the coaching profession is without clear and consistent standards and that absent such guidelines, too many coaches, albeit a minority, are […]

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Drake Group Calls for Strong Actions to Address Collegiate Athlete Sexual and Other Violence

The Drake Group examined current issues related to collegiate sport sexual and other violence, concluding that (1) no uniform approach exists at any level of policy making to deal with the issue, (2) athlete sexual and other physical violence is condoned by an unacknowledged collegiate athlete subculture that neither educational sport leaders nor college presidents […]

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Drake Group Urges Significant Changes to Reduce Athlete Time Demands

There is probably no more significant roadblock for college athletes seeking meaningful educations than the unreasonable amounts of time they must engage in practice and other athletics-related activities. In every NCAA and conference survey and through numerous research studies, athletes have made their concerns and needs concerning time spent on their sports known. Excessive athletics […]

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Drake Group Addresses Dysfunctional NCAA Enforcement System

The 2015 unsealing of nearly 500 pages of documents in Todd McNair’s defamation lawsuit against the NCAA once again put a spotlight on the dysfunctional NCAA enforcement system. The Drake Group, a national organization of college faculty and others has been studying the NCAA enforcement system for many years. In April of 2015, The Drake […]

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Drake Group Honors Scholar Author for Exposing Black Athlete Exploitation

Billy Hawkins, 2016 Hutchins Award Recipient Drake Group Honors Scholar Author for Exposing Black Athlete Exploitation The Drake Group, an organization whose mission is to defend academic integrity in higher education, has selected Billy Hawkins, a professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Georgia, to receive the Robert Maynard Hutchins Award. The […]

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The Drake Group Issues Guidelines for Academic Integrity in Athletics

Recent academic scandals related to the intercollegiate athletics programs at a number of the nation’s most prestigious institutions of higher education reveal the absence of policy and practice that would ensure the primacy of academic study and the maintenance of academic integrity by institutions of higher education. The Drake Group believes that each of the […]

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Drake Questions NCAA

Drake Group Questions NCAA Academic Metrics

The Drake Group released a position statement that is highly critical of the NCAA’s Division I Academic Metrics. Drake Group President Gerald Gurney argues that “Academic integrity in intercollegiate athletics requires a system of checks and balances, transparent academic metrics and safeguards that ensure that learning occurs, not just that athletic eligibility is maintained.”

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