Drake Group Calls for Strong Actions to Address Collegiate Athlete Sexual and Other Violence

The Drake Group examined current issues related to collegiate sport sexual and other violence, concluding that (1) no uniform approach exists at any level of policy making to deal with the issue, (2) athlete sexual and other physical violence is condoned by an unacknowledged collegiate athlete subculture that neither educational sport leaders nor college presidents have addressed, and (3) institutions of higher education are frozen by self-interest, hence unlikely to address such violence unless immersed in a media or legal crisis, in which case they act alone. Neither the NCAA nor other national collegiate athletic governance associations have confronted this issue in a way that will deter such violent athlete behavior for the long term. Athletes, especially the most talented prospective and enrolled athletes, must receive the message that violent behavior will not be tolerated. Institutions must impose consistent penalties that will deter such serious misconduct.

Too many institutions have knowingly enabled athlete sexual and other violence by providing pro bono legal assistance to alleged perpetrators (assistance not provided to other students, including victims), obstructing investigations or judicial proceedings, encouraging and/or paying for women to sexually engage with recruits, providing public relations assistance, intimidating or blaming victims, imposing weak penalties inconsistent with the treatment of non-athletes and/or using their influence with campus and local police departments to reduce the possibility of formal criminal charges.

The Drake Group analyzed the violence issue and made ten recommendations including detailed proposals that would prohibit the recruiting and athletic eligibility of athletes committing acts of sexual or other violence.

See the full Position Statement and Recommendations: Institutional Integrity Issues Related to College Athlete Sexual Assault and Other Forms of Serious Violence.

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