Annual Meetings

1999 – The call: The October 1999 conference, Des Moines, Iowa
2000 – The plan: The March 2000 meeting, Des Moines, Iowa
2000 – The organization: The October 2000 meeting, Colorado Springs, Colorado
2002 – Stillwater, Oklahoma
2003 – Chicago, Illinois
2004 – San Antonio, Texas
2005 – St. Louis, Missouri
2006 – Indianapolis, Indiana
2007 – Cleveland, Ohio
2008 – Memphis, Tennessee
2009 – Chapel Hill, North Carolina
2010 – Chapel Hill, North Carolina
2011 – Chapel Hill, North Carolina
2012 – Chapel Hill, North Carolina
2013 – Chapel Hill, North Carolina
2014 – Columbia, South Carolina
2015 – Columbia, South Carolina
2016 – Initiation of Online Annual Meeting

In conjunction with the annual meetings in 2005 and 2006, TDG hosted an academic conference in the same city as the NCAA Men’s Final Four Basketball Championship. In 2007, TDG hosted an academic conference in the same city as the NCAA Women’s Final Four Basketball Championship.

How The Drake Group Works

The Drake Group is able to quickly respond to current events because of the way it is structured and operates.  The membership nominates and elects the Officers and the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee (a subset of the Board of Directors) meets on a quarterly or as needed basis while the Board of Directors meets quarterly.  These governance units use “expert” members who serve on standing and ad hoc committees and an Advisory Council to produce position papers and press releases as well as editorial and opinion pieces.  The Executive Commiittee and Board approve these documents by majority vote.  This operating system enable The Drake Group to respond to developing issues in a timely manner.