Brenda A. Riemer

Brenda Riemer is the Graduate Program Coordinator and Professor at the Eastern Michigan University Sports Management Program.  She received her Ph.D. from Michigan State University, M.S. from the University of Illinois and B.S. from UCLA.

Professor Riemer’s research areas include gender/sexuality and sport, professional mentoring, and goal orientations of sport volunteers and participants. She has earned the Marshall Service award given by the College of Health and Human Services. Dr. Riemer is the treasurer for The Drake Group, the North American Society for Sport Sociology, and is a co-organizer of the Teaching and Learning Fair for the North American Society for Sport Management annual conference. She a contributor for the new LBGT Issues in Sport Blog.

A selection of her publications include:

  • Riemer, B.A., Thomas, J.L., & Visio, M. (2007). Goal Orientations and Volunteers. International Journal of Sport Management, 8, 67-79.
  • Riemer, B.A. & Thomas, J.L. (2005). Achievement goal orientations in competition dogobedience participants. Journal of Sport Behavior, 28 (3), 272-281.
  • Riemer, B.A. & Visio, M.E. (2003). Gender typing of sports: An investigation of Metheny’s classification. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 74 (2), 193-204.

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