E-Newsletters Archives

The Drake Group established a membership E-Newsletter in 2014 and, beginning in the 2016 academic year began publishing the newsletter on a quarterly basis. Back issues are archived and may be retrieved using the following links:

Volume III: Issue 1 / March, 2016

  • Billy Hawkins – 2016 Hutchins Award Recipient
  • Drake Letter to All Division I College and University Presidents
  • Fritz Polite – President-Elect
  • Why the NCAA Continues to Work Against Athletes’ Best Interests
  • Excessive and Exploitative Time Demands on College Athletes
  • Drake Members Urged to Get Involved in Sponsorship of HR2731
  • Gurney and Meyer at COIA Annual Meeting
  • Drake Group President in Washington Post
  • Drake Group President-Elect Ridpath on “Playing in the Red”

Volume II: Issue 1 / June, 2015

  • Drake Group Questions Freshman Ineligibility Proposals
  • No Fulfillment of Athlete Academic Protection Responsibilities
  • Proposed Changes to the Dysfunctional NCAA Enforcement System
  • The Drake Group Announces Support for a Congressional Bill to Establish a Presidential Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics

Volume II: Issue 2 / August, 2015

  • Meet New Officers and Board Members
    • Gerald Gurney – President
    • David Ridpath – President-Elect
    • Allen Sack – Past President
    • Michael Malec – Secretary
    • Brenda Riemer – Treasurer
    • Marty Davidson – Student Representative
    • Sally Dear Healey – Member-at-Large
    • Nicole LeVoi – Member-at-Large
    • Angela Lumpkin – Member-at-Large
    • Fritz Polite – Member-at-Large
    • Brian Porto – Member-at-Large
    • Earl Smith – Member-at-Large
    • Eric Snyder – Member-at-Large
  • Drake President Calls for Volunteers to Serve on 2015-16 Committees
  • Thanks to Outgoing Treasurer Mary Willingham
  • Encourage Colleagues to Join
  • Email Your Member of the House of Representatives

Volume I: Issue 1 / Fall, 2014

  • Drake Group Begins Aggressive Lobbying Campaign on Behalf of CAP Act
  • 2014 President’s Message
  • The New Face of The Drake Group Executive Committee
  • Ethics, Race and The Drake Group Mission
  • CAP Act Garners Substantial Support from Drake Group Membership
  • Jay Smith, this years Hutchinson’s Award winner
  • Donna Lopiano an Inspiration to the Drake Group
  • The Drake Group Receives 501 (C) 4 from the IRS
  • The ‘Big Five’ Power Grab: The Real Threat to College Sports