The Drake Group was founded in 1999 when Jon Ericson, a former professor and provost at Drake University, invited a distinguished group of college faculty, authors, and activists to a twenty-four-hour think tank in how to end academic corruption in college sport. Included in the conference were members of faculty senates, journalists, athletic directors, and members of organizations such as the NCAA and the Knight Foundation Commission on collegiate Sport. Out of the meeting emerged an organization initially called the National Association of Faculty for Collegiate Athletic Reform (NAFCAR). The organization changed its name to The Drake Group in 2000 and also adopted bylaws and elected officers. The group’s mission and goals were formally defined at an annual meeting at the Chicago meeting in 2003.

Corporate History
The Drake Group, Inc. was incorporated on 9/16/13 as a Connecticut Nonstock Corporation via a 9/6/13 certificate of incorporation (the “C/I)” which was filed with the Connecticut Secretary of State on 9/6/13. The governing statute for the corporation is the Connecticut Revised Nonstock Corporation Act (the “Act”) Connecticut General Statutes (“C.G.S.”). 33-1000.et seq. The Drake Group received its 501 (c) (4) tax-exempt status on 6/23/14. Simply put, no portion of any moneys contributed by any person to a (c) (4) org, whether as membership dues, as a donation/contribution/gift, or otherwise, can be claimed as a tax deduction by said person. The 501 (c ) (4) status allows the Drake Group to engage in political lobbying and other advocacy behavior, but not to engage in campaigning on behalf of political candidates. 501 (c) 3 organizations are far more restricted when it comes to lobbying and advocacy.