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Drake Group Calls for Strong Actions to Address Collegiate Coaching Misconduct

The Drake Group  believes that most coaches act responsibly and in the best interests of their players.  Even when using now-unacceptable pedagogy, most coaches do so without malicious intent.   However, adequate evidence shows that the coaching profession is without clear and consistent standards and that absent such guidelines, too many coaches, albeit a minority, are […]

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Drake Group Calls for Strong Actions to Address Collegiate Athlete Sexual and Other Violence

The Drake Group examined current issues related to collegiate sport sexual and other violence, concluding that (1) no uniform approach exists at any level of policy making to deal with the issue, (2) athlete sexual and other physical violence is condoned by an unacknowledged collegiate athlete subculture that neither educational sport leaders nor college presidents […]

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Drake Group Urges Significant Changes to Reduce Athlete Time Demands

There is probably no more significant roadblock for college athletes seeking meaningful educations than the unreasonable amounts of time they must engage in practice and other athletics-related activities. In every NCAA and conference survey and through numerous research studies, athletes have made their concerns and needs concerning time spent on their sports known. Excessive athletics […]

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Drake Group Honors Scholar Author for Exposing Black Athlete Exploitation

Billy Hawkins, 2016 Hutchins Award Recipient Drake Group Honors Scholar Author for Exposing Black Athlete Exploitation The Drake Group, an organization whose mission is to defend academic integrity in higher education, has selected Billy Hawkins, a professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Georgia, to receive the Robert Maynard Hutchins Award. The […]

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Drake Members and Friends Asked to Get Involved

TO: Friends and Members of the Drake Group FROM: Gerald Gurney, President RE: REQUEST FOR YOUR HELP: ADVOCATING FOR A PRESIDENT’S COMMISSION ON INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS REFORM As you know, The Drake Group has been working on advancing bipartisan Congressional legislation that would result in significant reform of intercollegiate athletics.  We believe that Congressional intervention is […]

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Drake Group Urges NCAA Division I Presidents to Support the Establishment of a Presidential Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics

Listing eleven current conditions that threaten the financial stability of college athletics programs and the academic integrity of higher education institutions, The Drake Group issued a request to NCAA Division I college and university presidents and chancellors to support H.R. 2731 (a bi-partisan bill currently before Congress) that would mandate the appointment of a Presidential […]

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If I was an FBS athletic director, my top worries in 2017 would be…

Check out a blog by a member of The Drake Group, listing the top issues that NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision athletic directors should be worrying about. Read more.

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Reclaiming Academic Primacy in Higher Education: The Revised IRS Form 990 Can Accelerate the Process

The revised Form 990, “Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax,” filed by many public charities and other exempt organizations, has the potential to fully expose the Achilles’ Heel of the NCAA and its member institutions – the extremely weak, if any, educational basis for the current financial structure of big-time college sports. This would […]

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Athletic Scholarship Rules Should be Clear

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the Student-Athletes’ Right to Know Act last fall. This requires California colleges and universities to publicly disclose, among other things, their policies regarding sports-related medical expenses and the renewal or cancellation of athletic scholarships.  A similar bill is before the Connecticut General Assembly. This bill is long overdue. Follow […]

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Ralph Nader and “Pay for Play”

Even the consumer advocate and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader, a relative newcomer to the debate over paying college athletes, was able to use the media frenzy around March Madness to launch his own proposal to eliminate athletic scholarships altogether. The tepid to hostile reaction his proposal brought in many circles, including at the NCAA, […]

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