Michael A. Malec

Michael A. Malec is Associate Professor of Sociology at Boston College. His published work on sport appears in journals such as the Sociology of Sport Journal and the Journal of Sport and Social Issues, as well as in many chapters in edited books. He has served as Editor of both the Journal of Sport and Social Issues and the Arena Review, and is a past President of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport.

His publications include:

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  • 2013 Commercialism (with Christain Gilde and Gary Sailes). Pp. 53-85 in Gary Sailes (ed.), Sport in Higher Education. San Diego: Congella Academic Press.
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  • 1995 The Social Role of Sports in Caribbean Societies. New York: Gordon & Breach.
  • 1993 Patriotic Symbols in Intercollegiate Sports During the Gulf War. Pp. 98-106 in the Sociology of Sport Journal 10(1).