Andrew Zimbalist

Andrew Zimbalist received his B.A. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1969 and his M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1972 and 1974 respectively.  He has been in the Economics Department at Smith College since 1974 and has been a visiting professor at Hamburg University (2011), Doshisha University in Kyoto Japan (2007), the University of Geneva (2003), at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan (1985), and a visiting research fellow at Harvard University (1980).  He presently is the Robert A. Woods professor of economics at Smith College and a member of the Five College Graduate Faculty.

Dr. Zimbalist has published twenty-one  books and several dozen articles primarily in the areas of comparative economic systems, economic development and sports economics. The second edition of his co-authored textbook Comparing Economic Systems was published by Harcourt, Brace and Javonovich in February 1989 and his The Cuban Economy: Measurement and Analysis of Socialist Performance (with Swedish economist, Claes Brundenius) was published by Johns Hopkins University Press in November 1989. His book Panama at the Crossroads: Economic and Political Development in the Twentieth Century (with Professor John Weeks of the University of London) was published in June 1991 by the University of California Press.

In September 1992 Dr. Zimbalist published his widely-acclaimed Baseball and Billions: A Probing Look Inside the Big Business of Our National Pastime, with Basic Books, a subsidiary of Harper Collins. In October 1997, Dr. Zimbalist published Sports, Jobs and Taxes: The Economic Impact of Sports Teams and Stadiums with the Brookings Institution Press, which he co-edited and co-authored with Roger Noll, from Stanford University.  Dr. Zimbalist’s 1999 book, Unpaid Professionals: Commercialization and Conflict in Big-Time College Sports, was published by Princeton University Press in September of that year.  In the Summer of 2001 Zimbalist published The Economics of Sport I & II, which is part of  the Edward Elgar series entitled The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics, edited by Mark Blaug.  He was the guest editor and a contributor to the May 2002 special issue of the Journal of Sports Economics on competitive balance.

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