• Antitrust Exemption Congress Granting a Conditional Limited Antitrust Exemption to the NCAA and Its Member Institutions (6/4/2013) - Absent an antitrust exemption, which only the Congress can provide, the NCAA will continue to be the target of antitrust lawsuits whenever it tries to implement educationally defensible reforms that have commercial consequences.
  • Drake Group Report: O’Bannon, Amateurism, and the Viability of College Sport (4/10/2013) - Our goal in this report is to provide information on whether NCAA restrictions on athletes’ free participation in the lucrative market for their images, likenesses and names is necessary either to uphold the principles of amateurism or to preserve the activity of intercollegiate athletics. The Drake Group is a national organization of faculty and others, […]
  • Collegiate Athletics Reform: The Tainted Glory of College Sports (1/14/2012) - No doubt, Ridpath’s book will be considered by NCAA , college, and government officials as well as media supporters and other defenders of the status quo, as just the latest in a very long list of revelatory books on the corrupt college sports entertainment business – books they seem to believe are akin to attacks […]
  • Collegiate Sports Reform: On Taxing College Sports Related Revenues (1/14/2012) - University athletics benefit from in what can be likened to a stealth entitlement. Donors can usually write off gifts for athletic facilities and the right-to-purchase tickets. For example, federal tax revenues are lost because more than 1,000 university sports departments are eligible to extort deductible gifts as a condition for ticket sales. »Read more