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  • Drake Group Calls for Strong Actions to Address Collegiate Athlete Sexual and Other Violence (9/11/2016) - The Drake Group examined current issues related to collegiate sport sexual and other violence, concluding that (1) no uniform approach exists at any level of policy making to deal with the issue, (2) athlete sexual and other physical violence is condoned by an unacknowledged collegiate athlete subculture that neither educational sport leaders nor college presidents […]
  • Drake Group Urges Significant Changes to Reduce Athlete Time Demands (8/4/2016) - There is probably no more significant roadblock for college athletes seeking meaningful educations than the unreasonable amounts of time they must engage in practice and other athletics-related activities. In every NCAA and conference survey and through numerous research studies, athletes have made their concerns and needs concerning time spent on their sports known. Excessive athletics […]
  • Collegiate Athletics Reform: A Collection of References from the National Catholic Reporter (1/14/2012) - As suggested in “Telling the truth on campus,” the presidents of our Catholic colleges and universities could be moved to solicit advice from their faculty and others on the place of the value-distorting, sports entertainment business in their schools. They might even go so far as to provide independently verifiable evidence that their athletes are […]
  • Football’s dangerous – and for what? (1/13/2011) - A study found football players who had never suffered a concussion performed worse on basic memory tests as the season progressed. This newly discovered category of cognitive impairment presents a dilemma because the finding suggests athletes may suffer a form of brain injury that is difficult to diagnose and consequently could keep on playing even […]
  • Caveat Emptor and Prospective College Athletes (1/13/2011) - Absent federal and/or state, Bills of Rights for prospective college athletes, Truth in Recruiting legislation, or NCAA Transparency and Accountability Acts, unwitting recruits face quadruple jeopardy, i. e., double-double jeopardy, when they buy into the recruitment packages proffered by NCAA member colleges and universities. This exploitation is especially hard on the academically disadvantaged. How might this be? […]