Facility Excesses

  • Economic Stimulus and the Higher Education Investment Act (1/10/2009) - Many of America’s public colleges and universities are part of the big-time college sports entertainment business. These schools have opted to invest heavily in athletic facilities. In so doing, they not only have compromised their academic missions, but also now find themselves in a position where they must service very large debts during economic hard times […]
  • Unrestrained Growth In Facilities for Athletes: Where is the Outrage? (1/10/2008) - Sol Gittleman, a former provost at Tufts University, wrote to me with reference to Brad Wolverton’s article, “Rise in Fancy Academic Centers for Athletes Raises Questions of Fairness,” saying: “This would be a joke, if it weren’t for articles that state how public universities are losing out in hiring to the well-heeled privates. So, while […]
  • Sports in America: Facing Up to Global Realities (12/22/2007) - One need only look at big-time (NCAA Div IA) college and university campuses where the building and expansion of football stadiums, basketball arenas, and other athletic facilities reflects the extant values and priorities at these institutions of higher education.  This building frenzy is not only symptomatic of the American public’s sports culture, but also of […]