• Student Fee and Institutional Subsidy Allocations to Fund Intercollegiate Athletics Position Statement (6/6/2015) - The Drake Group specifically calls for individual student tuition bills that are fully transparent listing the amount of the student fees and other general fund subsidies being used to fund athletics. David Ridpath, Chair of the Drake Student Fee Working Group, points to the fact that “This is an issue of access to higher education. […]
  • The Efficacy of Paying for College Sports (1/13/2011) - The often-repeated arguments in defense of the high (and escalating) costs of commercialized collegiate athletics are well known—mostly based on either faulty empirical evidence or logical error. »Read more
  • Faculty Action at UC-Berkeley Warrants Emulation (1/10/2009) - This is an opportune time to not only take advantage of the work done by the UC-Berkeley faculty, but also to exploit the fact that many of America’s colleges and universities are now beginning to recognize that their presidents are apparently powerless to curtail out-of-control spending by their athletic departments »Read more
  • The Brutal Truth About College Sports: Who Will Tell the President? (1/10/2009) - The open letter to the president addressed the challenge to get academics over athletics priorities re-established at America’s colleges and universities that are held captive to the NCAA’s commercial interests—asking for assistance from the executive branch of government to see that compliance to federal requirements for the NCAA’s tax exemptions are enforced. »Read more
  • Reclaiming Academic Primary in Higher Education: New Hope for the Future (1/10/2009) - Notwithstanding the fact that NCAA Bylaws stipulate that intercollegiate sports are to be subordinate to the academic mission of their member schools; professionalized college sports have severely compromised academic integrity and warped the academic missions at our nation’s colleges and universities that support big-time football and men’s basketball programs. In other words, the athletic tail has […]
  • Economic Stimulus and the Higher Education Investment Act (1/10/2009) - Many of America’s public colleges and universities are part of the big-time college sports entertainment business. These schools have opted to invest heavily in athletic facilities. In so doing, they not only have compromised their academic missions, but also now find themselves in a position where they must service very large debts during economic hard times […]
  • Big-time College Sports: A Plausible Alternative to Pro Sports? (1/10/2009) - Perhaps even more important to the plausibility of bigtime college sports as an alternative to pro sports are the related financial advantages of operating from a nonprofit base. The NCAA cartel could continue with its successful amateur charade and operate its sports entertainment businesses as nonprofit organizations with minimum payroll expenses though their continuing use of […]