Policy Positions

At times, The Drake Group issues an official position paper, a press release or the leadership pens an op-ed that serves several purposes:  It presents an opportunity to reinforce the TDG’s mission and its commitment to that mission;  it announces to the public and stakeholders the TDG’s point of view on an important issue or breaking news story and suggests whatever future actions might be taken to advance a position or mitigate a situation;  it also positions the TDG to the media and the public as a vital, newsworthy, and a credible source of information and expertise.

  • Official Policy Positions
    Position papers represent TDG’s official stance on an issue in intercollegiate athletics. Position statements are created on an ‘as needed’ basis usually in reaction to multiple media or public requests, in response to recurring events and/or as part of proactive education and media campaigns focused on needed intercollegiate athletics governance association reforms.
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  • Editorials and Opinions
    Members of The Drake Group and its Advisory Council are frequently called up on produce editorials, blogs or opinion pieces.  If such writings are consistent with official TDG policy positions and deemed to contribute important information to the understanding of an intercollegiate athletics issue, they are selected to be displayed on TDG web site.  The authors of such publications are responsible for the content of these articles.
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  • Press Releases
    Media or press releases are often issued in response to breaking news and represent the expression of TDG’s official stance on an important event.  Releases usually include quotes from TDG officers and other expert opinions and often include links to Official Drake Group position statements. Note that press releases announcing the release of policy position papers or recipients of Drake Group awards are not included in this section.
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  • News Citing Drake Positions
    The Drake Group and its positions are frequently cited in the media.  Links to these news articles are provided. »View All News Here