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Analysis of Proposed Models of College Athlete Compensation

The Drake Group questions whether the courts or any antitrust litigation will solve the college athlete compensation question. The Drake Group believes that the current pressure on higher education institutions to pay college athletes beyond the full cost of education has been created by failures of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Continue reading

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The Drake Group Academic Integrity Project 2017 – Addressing Academic Corruption

Given the numerous incidences of academic corruption there have been in Division I university athletics, the Drake Group initiated the Academic Integrity Project in 2017. The Drake Group partnered with Karl Idsvoog and Dave Foster (both former reporters) and Robert Baumann (designer) of Kent State University and Dr. Max Grubb of Youngstown State University to […]

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Washington Post Article Highlights Drake Group’s Lobbying Efforts

Washington Post Columnist Sally Jenkins made the Drake Group’s “stinging article” that appeared in Inside Higher Education the center piece of her November 10 article, It’s not that the NCAA doesn’t Know What it is Doing; It’s that the NCAA Doesn’t Know What It’s Supposed to be Doing. Jenkins referred to the Drake Group as […]

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