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Athlete Academic Protection Responsibilities

There is a current debate concerning the responsibility of the NCAA to afford college athletes protections against academic fraud and misconduct, as has occurred recently at the University of North Carolina, Auburn University, Syracuse University and other institutions of higher education. The NCAA reported in early 2015 that it had 20 academic misconduct cases currently […]

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Drake Group Questions Freshmen Ineligibility Proposals

In April of 2015 the Big Ten Conference circulated a white paper, Education First, Athletics Second: The Time for a National Discussion is Upon Us, that proposed freshmen ineligibility for Division I football and men’s basketball players. The white paper argued that freshman ineligibility would benefit athletes academically, but that it should only apply to […]

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Antitrust Exemption

Congress Granting a Conditional Limited Antitrust Exemption to the NCAA and Its Member Institutions

Absent an antitrust exemption, which only the Congress can provide, the NCAA will continue to be the target of antitrust lawsuits whenever it tries to implement educationally defensible reforms that have commercial consequences.

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Drake Group Report: O’Bannon, Amateurism, and the Viability of College Sport

Our goal in this report is to provide information on whether NCAA restrictions on athletes’ free participation in the lucrative market for their images, likenesses and names is necessary either to uphold the principles of amateurism or to preserve the activity of intercollegiate athletics. The Drake Group is a national organization of faculty and others, […]

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Drake Group Announces Support for Congressional Bill to Establish a Presidential Commission

In March of 2015, The Drake Group has released a position statement in support of a bipartisan-sponsored bill being considered by the 114th Congress (H.R. 275) that would establish a Presidential Commission “to identify and examine issues of national concern related to the conduct of intercollegiate athletics and to make recommendations for the resolution of […]

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Position Statement NCAA Division I Restructure

During the summer of 2014, the NCAA considered a proposal to give the five richest conferences (Atlantic Coast Conference, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, and Southeastern Conference) within the Football Bowl Subdivision of Division I legislative autonomy.  In response, the Drake Group, a national organization of college faculty and others released a position statement that […]

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